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Find out what’s on the minds of more than 300 hospital leaders and executives by reading the highlights from a 2017 survey.

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Is Debt Ruining Your Employees’ Financial Wellness?

Many healthcare workers are stressed out over debt. Helping them improve their financial wellness can give your organization a strategic advantage.

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Q&A: Hospitals Explore Opportunities in Uncertain Times

Industry experts provide insight into how seismic shifts in the sector may impact hospitals.

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Beyond the Tipping Point: Hospital Resilience Revisited

Challenges have intensified for U.S. hospitals. Rising costs, talent shortages and an unclear legislative agenda, along with increased partnerships, continue to roil the sector.

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Handle With Care

Do you have hidden resources in your business that can be redeployed to help improve care for your patients and employees?

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Meeting Industry Challenges

The U.S. hospital sector is experiencing a period of intense change. We offer solutions that will help you keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape and meet the challenges that come with it.

Industry ChallengeContaining rising costs

Cost cutting is shaping hospital strategies as budget constraints can touch on almost every aspect of a hospital’s operations.

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Industry ChallengeOvercoming talent shortages

Many hospitals recognize that attracting the best talent requires more than remuneration.

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Industry ChallengeManaging change

From policy reform to business models, sweeping changes are on the horizon.

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Let’s work together to solve your challenges

A retirement plan can be complex, expensive and difficult to manage. Prudential Retirement® makes it easy by offering retirement plan solutions that can help you save money, improve cash flow, attract top-level talent and provide better retirement outcomes and solutions for your employees. We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare institutions align their retirement plans with their broader business goals.

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